Schedule to Sweat... May 17th, 2010


Hey Gang! I find that whenever I’m struggling with staying on-track with my fitness goals, that it’s important to have an outside goal. Like prepping for a race, raising money for charity, etc.  So I have made a new WORK-OUT GOAL! This summer I’ve made a goal to try a new work-out every week!  So far, I’ve hit up pole-dancing with Marlo at ShockRa studios (owwwww, abs, owwww!!), Hip-Hop with Jamie at Broadway Dance Center, P90X videos w/ my roomies in the apartment on a rainy day…  I’ll keep you guys updated on the adventures!If anyone has suggestions, feel free to offer them!

Yours in Health, always, Kym


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AJ’s TURKEY BURGERS These burgers are juicy, delicious and a super healthy, low-calorie protein source.  BBQ is ON!  Measurements are all appx.

Ground Turkey meat Raspberry Preserves (1 tbsp) 1 egg Splash of soda (any kind- the carbonation tenderizes the meat) coarse mustard (2 tbsp) bread crumbs (optional)salt/pepper (minimal/ to taste)

Mix together in a large bowl. Divide up into little balls the size of an pool-ball.  Grill! Eat bunless, with a large leaf of romaine or ice-berg. Include the sweet potato/spinach salad as a side! (recipe from 2wks ago)