4th of July Workout and Class schedule


This year, my 4th of July was not celebrated with big BBQ’s, boozy boat rides or burgers. Instead I opted to go on a hike in Putney, Vermont.  This photo was snapped upon reaching the summit, right at sunset.  I still enjoyed a good beer- but this one was well-earned after having hiked with the six-pack, tent, and all my gear on my back the whole way up!

Hope your all enjoyed a wonderful holiday!  Now get back to class!

SCHEDULE: (note the extras!)

TUES: 9:30/10:30am @ UES

WED: 6:15pm BANDS/ 7:30pm Spin @ Tribeca

THURS: 9:30/10:30am @ UES  +  6:30pm @ Tribeca

FRI:  1pm Spin @ Tribeca

SAT: 9:30am Soul Survivor/ 10:45am BANDS @ Tribeca

SUN: 10:45am @ UES  !!!!!