Intramural Sports- no child's play here


I “DAMN I’M SORE!” I thought as I crawled out of bed at 7am to go teach another spin class at Soul Cycle.   As I brew coffee with eyes half-shut I ponder why the hell I’m feelin extra beat.  What day is it? “Tuesday” My groggy brain answers. Monday is my day off. so what hell did I do to make…?   OH.

SUNDAY. SOCCER.   My friend Bryan texts me this:  ”We need an extra player for our soccer match. Bring a green shirt and meet me at the field on Fulton in 30min”  Sounded like an opportunity to fulfill my one-new-workout-a-week goal that I had set for myself in June but have been having trouble maintaining.   So I went.

I hadn’t played soccer in 15 years. seriously. I told everyone I’d probably suck- but at least I got endurance.  We had just enough players to play without any substitutions so facing 1hr straight of soccer- endurance was just the thing I’d need.

Now it takes a lot to get me worn out, and even more to get me super-sore. This game accomplished both in 1hr!  Plus it was SUPER FUN  and WE WON!!!  BONUS!

Check out intramural sports in your ‘hood.  There’s loads to choose from such as Kickball, Dodgeball, Soccer, Softball and even Inner-tube Water Polo!  (if you’re interested in that one, ask Brendan Riley, author of the yummy Gazpacho recipe!!!)