The Double Life...

The Double Life

Hey gang!

Whew! Life trying to juggle being a stunt-double, actress, trainer and spin teacher feels a little like being super-hero…  complete with changing in the street (although without the privacy of phone booths), and zipping all around town with (what I imagine in my mind to be) superhuman strength.   ;)

I AM TEACHING THIS SATURDAY! Come take my 9:30am Soul Survivor or 10:45am BANDS class where you too can feel super-human after two hours of intense cardio while swinging on giant rubberbands!  Trust me, it’s fun.

After that, I’m on-set again, and teaching in the Hamptons Tuesday August 17th-19th, and again in Bridgehampton Soul Cycle on August 22nd-23rd.

Come kick it with me at the beach and feel the burn!!! (the kind that won’t give you wrinkles)