Oh, CMJ, you're making me SORE!


Last night we had a CMJ-Themed Spin Class. Preceded by (a tough, hr-long) Bands class- the follow-up 7:30pm class was full of mostly fresh faces (a few riders doubled with me) ready to kick some a$$ for another 45min. Yet, no matter how beat I was after teaching the double, I had a full night ahead of me still. A bunch of my favorite musicians were playing last night and I had a bike and a schedule to keep. It started with a fast ride from Tribeca to LES:

9pm: Black Taxi @ Gallery Bar 10pm: Deadbeat darling @ Rockwood 11pm Chris Bathgate @ Bruar Falls (a nice sprint over the Williamsburg Bridge) 12pm The Howlies (bonus- it was accross the street!)

Now this is where things started to get challenging: consider a drink at every venue… and (the big mistake) NOT ENOUGH WATER.  So now my muscles are sore as hell this morning!  Learn from my mistakes, people.  Keep the drinking post-exercising to a minimum and always always always drink an equal amt of water to alcohol.  As for calorie intake, I think I’m just fine, having had gin&soda’s followed by lots of riding and dancing!

Here’s last night’s playlist and featured artists (from the 7:30pm class!)

1. Teenage Dream= Katy Perry 2. Bang Bang = Mark Ronson w/ MNDR 3. Come Home = CHAPPO *playing Spike Hill Oct 23rd @ 10pm 4. For the Kill= La Roux 5. Do What You Gotta Do= Black Taxi *playing tonight at Rockwood/Saturday @ Webster Hall 6. Without a Trace= Deadbeat Darling * Playing Webster Hall w/ Black Taxi on Saturday 7. Liztomania Rmx= Phoenix  *played Madison Sq Garden last night! 8. Pn De Floor= Major Lazer 9. Serpentine= Chris Bathgate *playing tonight @ Sidewalk BONUS DANCEY JUMP-AROUND TRACK (this one had me still on my feet at 12:30am):  SEA LEVEL by the Howlies