Cardio, Abs and Arms...

cardio abs and arms

Merry Christmas! Um yes, I ate a lot and sat around a lot today BUT at 8pm I decided it wasn’t too late for me to get up and workout.  Here’s my 22min workout plus playlist:

Jump Rope: 2 songs w/o stopping Rev Crunches with Pushup using stability ball: 10 reps *directions below Alternating Front Kicks, Side Kicks, Roundhouse: 1 song repeat.

I did 2 sets of everything. Total time was 22min

Playlist: Like a G6 (LASER remix): Far East Mvmt Music Sounds Better With You: Stardust Groove is in the Heart: Dee-Lite LaLa Song (Soul Migrants Remix) No Turning Back: Gui Boratto    length=7:45!

Rev Crunches with Pushup: A. Start in pushup position with feet on a stability ball B. Pull knees towards the chest C. Return to starting position and perform one pushup =1 rep