A Happy, Healthy Valentine!


Tomorrow doesn’t have to be about chocolate, rich dinners, or moody pity parties. Whether you’re single or coupled- try these healthful ways to celebrate:

1. Instead of eating together- BE together: Take a friend or lover to your favorite yoga class or meditation. Massages and aroma-therapy oils are also calorie-free ;)

2.  Fruit salad can be just as romantic as chocolate: ripe strawberries, juicy blueberries, deep-hued blackberries and cherries. You can avoid the sugar highs&lows and feed eachother fruit. It can get messy…hope it will!

3. Spread the Love: Wishing family and friends a happy Valentines takes the pressure out of the holiday and the focus off candy and couples.  Have a overdue chat with long distance friend or send a Valentine to a sibling.

4. Keep your mood up and stay away from the chocolate! A small boost in mood restores willpower depleted by dieting. In recent study, participants’ were left alone in a room with radishes, cookies and chocolate, and were encouraged to help themselves—but only to the radishes! Participants who watched a short comedy video before the test were better able to avoid the sweets.