AM Challenge: Go Green


Coffee? Tea? …or Spinach??

Your Challenge:  Replace your morning coffee with either Green Tea or a green smoothie! Just like your workouts- a new routine may be all you need to bust through a plateau. So read on for recipes and choose your challenge!

GREEN TEA: Green Tea’s health benefits are widely known, but let me just drop some knowledge on you right now:

  • Japanese researchers claim that drinking five cups of green tea a day can burn 70 to 80 extra calories.
  • Dr. Perricone, an anti-aging specialist, appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and told viewers they can lose ten lbs (4.5 kg) in six weeks drinking green tea instead of coffee. - Wikipedia

GREEN SMOOTHIE: From Grace on Living Raw:  ”Drinking 32 ounces of green smoothie every morning has made me stronger, my body is running cleaner, white teeth, clear skin, even better vision! I know you could certainly sit down and eat all the foods I use, but I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t have the time. Plus I know I’ve had my minimum fruits and veggies for the whole day, and anything else I eat is just a bonus. This is a starter recipe:

4-5 Kale leaves

4 cups baby spinach

2 cups water

1 tbs flaxseed oil (helps your body absorb the nutrients in the greens, plus all sorts of other hair, skin, and nails benefits)

1 cup berries

1 banana

1 kiwi

You can really use any kinds of fruit, I sometimes use raw beets and carrots, too. Sometimes you have to ease into it by using more fruit, but after a while, I think psychologically my body gets excited for the good stuff, and the taste of greens is just fresh and delicious.

Happy blending!



Robyn’s Super Green Smoothie - about 4 servings

2 cups kale, washed very well 2 apples, cored 1 kiwi, peeled 1 piece of ginger, about the size of the tip of your thumb from the knuckle juice of one lemon 2 teaspoons fresh mint, cilantro, or basil, or 4 teaspoons parsley 1-2 cups green tea or water, depending on desired consistency and juiciness of produce

Puree in a blender (a food processor will not do in this case) and enjoy immediately.


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