Found an old ipod- got some new music!


The conversation between my roomate and I went a little like this:

“I found your ipod on top of the fridge”

“Mine?  I don’t have an ipod”

“Dude, it has a playlist called ‘Spin Mix 4/5/08’ on it”



So here I am, replaying some oldies but goodies this past week, as you may have heard!  Here are some highlights:  (all can be found on itunes!!)

Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Rmx)- Sia Just One of them Days - Monica Remember the Name - Fort Minor (grrrrreat hill climb!) It’s Not Right but it’s Okay- Whitney Houston (awesome for sprinting) Aaaaaaaand Stand on your Seat (video above) - Chris Glover*

*whose new band is now called Penguin Prison.