LISTEN NOW: Rebel Ship

Rebel Ship

Stop everything and LISTEN TO THIS! ok, honestly I’ve been sleeping on this one. I’m kind of ashamed. Illspokinn is a good friend of mine. Back in the day, I silkscreened his first t-shirts for Spokinn Movement and he poured me drinks at the bar while I told him t.m.i. about the last embarrassing date I went on. Then, he began touring the world with his music and I too, was off on my own adventures with MTV and bike racing.  So the story goes of 2 friends who lose touch, occasionally text and FB stalk…

But for one minute: I stopped everything when I heard his new track.  A new side project and a whole new sound- IamLOVINGIT!!OMGLISTENNOW:

They’re call REBEL SHIP and here is their new single:

Spark it by RebelShip

pssssst… They’re playing tonight at the SULLIVAN HALL*!  10pm along with the Fugee’s Tribute show.  *sullivan hall not sullivan room.