Leading the Group

" alt="" width="550" height="484" /> At the end of a particularly hard 9:30am class on Saturday, I thanked the class for giving me the extra push that I needed. Riding with 70 faces looking up at me is extra incentive for me to push through the burn. There's no way I can turn it down because everyone will see me and follow suit. I set the program now I got to follow it.

Having an audience has served me well in my training. No doubt there have been times when I feel tired and breathing is difficult and my legs are filled with lead. But I only have to look up at the room full of people I'm leading and I know that I'd better find the energy to follow through with the sprint I've started, or the hill we are climbing. Leading the group means always staying ahead.

It is not uncommon to see me offer the podium bike to students to try- especially in times of sold-out classes with long waitlists - or when I'm on my 3rd class of the day. I believe it's important for others to try leading and reap the benefits of the unique pressure it places upon you to perform at your best.

Usually I will offer it to a familiar face. Those who frequent the front row and seem confident in their riding. Occasionally I will ask for volunteers. Don, Ben, Meghan, Miriam, Heather, Jessica, Dominique, and Ryan have all been recent podium riders. And all have said YES. IT IS HARD. but also mentioned it's not so bad. (Ben has since become an instructor, teaching last night in USQ!)  And who might be next?  Kaz? John? Suzanne? Mary? Zoe? Marika? Kate? Michelle? Brett? The answer is: Anyone who wants it.

I'd love to hear from those who've ridden the podium bike: Share your experience in the comments!