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Delt-licious from kymberly Perfetto on Vimeo. SONG:  Let Me Show U FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

I'm in the hamptons!  Chillin'.  Well, sort of.  Taught two Soul Cycle classes today and began shooting this week of HOME WORK-OUT VIDEOS!!!    Try them try them!  You will feel your body get fitter and fitter until you turn to steel.  Seriously. no. more. jiggle. Do the work-out.  Post your time in the comments.  And your reaction. GO!

I call this work-out Delt-licious because once you are done with the challenge, you will feel your shoulders!!

IN THIS WORKOUT: 2 min warm-up  Jumping Jacks

10 Walking push-ups with knee-lift * 1 min Jumping Jacks 20 Starfish Burpees 1 min Jumping Jacks [REPEAT]

finish with... 50  3-Way Sit ups  (may be broken up into 2 sets of 25)

ONE REP consists of 3 side steps while holding plank, 1 push-up then bring one knee to shoulder, 1 push-up then bring other knee to shoulder. So each rep contains TWO pushups