Music in Memory of a Friend

On May 30th Brantley Archer aka Brant Cunningham died. He was a unique friend to many of us, the Brooklyn bike community.  The craziest laugh you've ever heard, the wierdest  sense of humor, and the biggest heart.

He had been backpacking around the world--traveling through South America, India and Nepal before flying to South Africa and heading north through Zimbabwe and into Zambia. Brant was hiking at Victoria Falls when he encountered some aggressive Baboons and fell to his death.  Only Brant.  He was in one of the most beautiful places on this planet, and I hope he was happy in those last moments, I can’t imagine anything else.  He embraced this world with his whole being.  He was passionate, loving, sensitive, and a bit of a prankster. -From Everyday is Like Sunday

At Brantley's memorial on a rooftop in Brooklyn last weekend, I found music and old friends.  This Pixies cover played during his slideshow and stuck in my brain.  Then I heard this song "Colours" yesterday and immediately thought of Brantley.    I can't stop listening to it.  So here ya go.  

In Memory Of Brantley

Leave the colors you had...

no need to be sad

LISTEN: Colours (Xaphoon Jones Remix) by GroupLove

LISTEN: Where Is My Mind By Nada Surf