3 Days Left...


One of the best parts of living in NYC is that you get to hear bands play in shitty little venues before they blow up and become full-on rockstars.  You will share drinks at the bar, sign their mailing list, perhaps even date them.  And those are the stories you tell your friends and your kids when band pops up at Madison Square Garden and you knew them when they were fundraising to make that album.

Here is such an opportunity:  Black Taxi.  You've heard them in my playlists.  I've seen their live show from Mercury Lounge to Bowery Ballroom to SXSW.   Suffice it to say I'm a groupie.  And their live shows never disappoint.

Now they have 3 DAYS LEFT on their kickstarter to raise $ for the next album.  This is DIY music-making 2011.   It's neat cuz you can drop some dough (anywhere from $10-$5000) and get stuff in return.  It's like SHOPPING.

$20 gets you an autographed CD

$250 get you a 1hr golf lesson with the Bass player

$1500 Black Taxi will play a private show for you and your friends

there's also guitar lessons, drum lessons, cooking lessons, photoshoots... these guys are PIMPING THEMSELVES OUT.    and you have 3 days left.  and the thing about kickstarter is... if you don't reach your goal- you get nothing.  :-(