6 Foods That Make You Hungrier.


Our friends at Well + Good posted an article about 6 foods that make you hungrier.  check out the list- and start cleaning out your cabinets.  (aw, not the liquor cabinet too?)

"It’s not surprising that some of the worst offenders for foods that make you more hungry are marketed as ‘diet’ foods.

I don’t know who among us finishes one of those 100-calorie packs of Oreos and thinks, ‘man, I am satisfied.’ You always want more Oreos, or more something. And not only will those suckers not make you full, they don’t provide you with anything beneficial, either. We’re pretty sure that’s what you call a lose-lose food."

For 100 calories, you could instead have some celery and two tablespoons of hummus, an apple, vegan chocolate, raw almonds or half an avocado—all things that pack nutrient value as well as fiber, protein, and good fats to keep you full longer.

1. Pasta and Dinner Rolls

That pasta might sound filling, but foods high in refined carbs (like a lot of pasta, breads and bagels) can lead to what Dr. Louis J. Aronne calls 'fullness resistance,' by raising blood-sugar levels and setting up an insulin spike that will rebound, driving blood sugar down again and causing more hunger.

Eating that bread restaurants so often give you before dinner can make you lose your sense of fullness, and eat more, Aronne says.

Avoid refined carbs by eating only whole grain pastas and breads.

2. Salad Dressings

Dr. Aronne also says that when eating a pre-meal salad, using vinegar instead of salad dressing will cut your appetite and slow the rise in blood sugar.

3. Frozen 'Diet' Meals

A lot of 'healthy' frozen dinners have too few calories and not enough vegetables, grains or fruits—all things that help us feel full. It's food processed out of its nutritive existence—low-cal, but low-everything else that you need in food, too.

If you only have time for frozen food, try cooking some frozen vegetables alone, which are also low-calorie but still retain vitamins and nutrients, too.

4. Alcohol

5. Breakfast Cereal
High-sugar foods also cause your insulin to spike and then crash, leading to hunger rebounds that could start before the sugar high even wears off. Many cereals are high in sugar and little else, so avoid these and look for cereals with protein, fiber, whole grains and minimal added sugar.
6. French Fries
French fries "are really just starchy simple carbs that are fried, salted, and dipped in high fructose corn syrup (ketchup)," says fitness coach Kate Brown on Yahoo's Shine. "Between the salt and carbs, fries will always leave you wishing that you had ordered a supersize."