Premium Rush is coming!!!



1. it's got some sweet fixie riding 2. it's got me 3. it's got me doing some sweet fixie riding

Last summer we shot this movie in NYC for Columbia Pictures- an action movie involving bike messengers. Premium Rush stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dania Ramirez and Michael Shannon--- plus the NYC messenger community!  When director David Koepp decided to re-cast two of the messengers with local NYC talent, he wanted actual messengers who could play the part.   I booked the part of Polo!  They were still seeking a riding double for Dania (the lead female) and decided I was close in size and had the skills to ride. So I ended up with two roles in the film:  the part of Polo and Stunt Double.

This trailer is BADASS.  Serious intensity.  And it features some awesome riding by Austin Horse, Danny MacAskill and some great local talent.


Peep me as Polo at 0:32  and stunt riding at 0:39 (my near miss with a cab + endo )!~