Bikes vs. Cars


Bike Ad Recently General Motors launched a new ad campaign on urban college campuses to encourage students to "Stop Pedaling -- Start Driving."  After the ad was labeled "shameful" "ridiculous" and "disgraceful" all over twitter, GMC finally pulled the ad as of yesterday.

It's an age-old battle: the comfort and luxury of cars vs the affordability and efficiency (and in some cases SPEED) of the bicycle. In celebration of yet another victory of the bicycle over vehicle, here a few more reasons to RIDE A BIKE:

  1. Yogurt vs Gasoline:  In this 6min vid by Neistat Bro's- it's Schwinn Cruiser vs the Ducati in a race from 94th to TRIBECA. guess who wins?

  2. #BikevsFlight : Carmaggedon This past summer we saw a team of cyclists (& a guy on the subway) beat a Jet Blue Flight from Burbank to Long Beach during Cali's much-hyped Carmaggedon!
  3. best way to dry a pedicure!
  4. It will make your bod super HOT.  just like Eva Longoria...