Counter-Marathon Workout

Congrats to all the NYC Marathon runners! Now that your temporary insanity has worn off and you are left with sore muscles and a medal, allow me to offer a 20min workout that will give you better results -but minus the medal :-(



The Counter-Marathon Cardio Workout:

Celebrity-studded studios from Soulcycle to Barry's Bootcamp utilize interval training as their model.  It's been found to be the most efficient way to burn calories and tone muscle. The weather is perfect for this workout &  if done at full-intensity you can burn nearly 700 cal!!!  The best part is:  20min or less is all it takes.

Now get out there and DO IT.
1.  WARM-UP: Run 5min
2.  20 Pushups/ 20 mountain climbers 2x

(beginners can do pushups off a bench for an easier time)
Super-set the pushups with mountain climbers, trying not to get up from plank the whole time
3.  Run 3 min - fast 1min/jog 30 sec (beginners can walk the jog)
4.  10 Burpees/20 Side plank with Arm wrap (<-click to view exercise)  2x

As with the prev set, super set these. On your 10th burpee, stay down and go straight into the side planks.  Once finished go directly into burpees again- taking minimal breaks
5.  FINISH LINE RUN- fast for 3min
6.  COOL DOWN    jog for 2 min
BONUS:   2 min STRETCH / 2min crunches + sit-ups