Cranksgiving: The Greatest Event of the Year


Cranksgiving is a race/ride that takes place every year in NYC. It was started by bike messengers & it's basically an streetrace meets supermarket sweep.  You ride all over the city to various supermarkets and buy items from a grocery list. At the finish line, all the food is donated to a soup kitchen.  Good times, good deeds, and good people.

This race hold a special place in my heart as the first alleycat I ever did.   Grab all your friends + make an afternoon of it.  Even if you don't have a bike- steal a shopping cart and go at it!

Registration is at 12:30 tho the race prob won't start till 2pm ;-) Much more info to be found @


Last year- TEAM BED-STUY represented!!


....and Meena dressed up as an Indian