The Optimal Snack Equation


Everyone asks me for diet advice + the one thing I always say: EAT. all the time. Waiting too long between meals not only destroys a faster metabolism, it leads to major over-eating + poor choices. Snacking isn't bad, as long as it's done right. To help you out, offers up their Optimal Snack Equation, accompanied by a list of great ideas. Check out some of my favorite healthy options for tying you over between meals....


The Optimal Snack Equation:

About 200 calories: This is enough to keep your metabolism humming.

At least 3 grams of fiber: Fiber is digested slowly and helps sustain your energy. It also absorbs water and expands in your stomach to keep you full.

At least 5 grams of protein: Protein releases a hormone in the body that increases satiety

No more than 12 grams of fat: This will help ensure that you don't get more than 20 to 35 percent of your daily calories from fat, which is the US Department of Agriculture's recommendation


4 Optimal Snack Ideas:

Roasted Chickpeas

1/4 cup Chickpeas

1 teaspoon olive oil



1 teapsoon cumin

1 teaspoon chili powder

Toss everything together and roast at 375 for 35-40 minutes

222 calories, 9g fiber,10g protein, 8g fat

2 Clementines and 7 walnut halves

No cooking necessary!

163 calories, 3g of fiber, 3g of protein, 9g fat

Small bowl of Amy's Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup

Tasty and healthy!

160 calories, 8g fiber, 7g protein, 4g fat

1/4 cup Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Wasabi Edamame

Nothing easier than snacking on a hand full of edamame.

130 calories, 7g fiber, 14g protein, 5g fat