MY MUSIC ROCKS! (says RateYourBurn)

I made the list of 7 instructors whose "playlists blow our minds" !!!  Check out the full review on


KYM PERFETTO: if you wanna be ahead of the musical curve.

..."Haven’t been to her class in a while (come back from LA, Kym!) but I still have flashbacks to her slick playlists from this past summer."



  • Kym is in a BAND people. She plays their MUSIC IN HER CLASSES.
  • Kym is another instructor who posts her playlists to her blog but she also occasionally posts links to DOWNLOAD the songs. I love you Kym, thank you for giving me the long trench coat to assist in my musical flashing.
  • She played “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye in her class way before it was popular. Just sayin’.
  • She introduced me to Foster the People, and not with the uber-popular “Pumped Up Kicks”, but with “Call It What You Want”, a jam I still love.
  • She has a half-shaved head. Which has nothing to do with music but is cool.  "