Coachella Playlist 2

Hey gang- I tried to put this one on iTunes with my other playlists but there's too many unreleased songs on it.  You'll have to use your interweb scouring skillz for this one! Enjoy this freebie (click the down arrow to the right to download):

About the Swedish House Mafia live: I don't know what to say! I've never even been a huge fan but the energy was undeniable.  As one music writer put it:

Supposedly the Black Keys are one of the hottest bands in America. But they were smoked by Swedish House Mafia. It was no contest. I’m not saying the Keys were bad. In fact, they were very good. But most people just didn’t care. Forty minutes after they were done, when it was fifty two degrees and still raining, Swedish House Mafia took the main stage & blasted a sound that united the masses...That’s what you’ve got to know, this electronic music works. It’s owned by the kids. And it’s got nothing to do with what came before, record companies are irrelevant. Hell, Swedish House Mafia is headlining Coachella AND THEY’VE NEVER PUT OUT A PROPER ALBUM! -bob lefetz