App Spices Up Workout and Unites Game Players

Ever wish you would stumble onto an ultimate Frisbee game looking for an extra player? Or how about finding yourself with an hour to kill and an urge to do Yoga? I have, and that’s exactly why I’m so excited about this app. Sportaneous finds games, sports, training sessions, yoga classes, and more around where you are. It lists the price, time, location, and what’s going on. You can even post a game/class/whatever to Sportaneous and it builds your players/students/people for you!

Sportaneous iphone app fitness kym perfetto

How many times have I tried to orchestrate a kick-ball league and given up because my friends’ schedules just don’t synch? Soooo many times.

Now, I can just create a kickball game on Sportaneous. I’ll get to meet new, like-minded people, have fun, and get in a nice mid-day workout. A-Maze-Ing!

Right now it’s available for New York City, San Diego, and Philadelphia.

Def gonna try this out. Let me know about your experiences!