Hand-Held Nutrition


A personal trainer may have once told you, “All you gotta do is eat this, NOT THAT.” All the while completely forgetting that we live in something I call REALITY where it isn’t easy to decipher complicated food labels, and fat content on restaurant menus!

Well…I recently discovered a couple of awesome nutrition-centered iPhone apps that provide you with vital information about what you’re eating.

Fooducate and Restaurant Nutrition:

With Fooducate, you simply scan the barcode of something you’ve been eying at the grocery store. It will bring up the item and let you know all the stuff in it that’s good for you or bad for you. It even gives the item a letter grade (A through F).

Restaurant Nutrition is awesome because it gives you the run-down on leading restaurants and (dare I even mention) fast food chains. This gem of an app is like having magic glasses that let you see stuff like fat content, calories, carbs, sugars, and more.

Of course these apps don’t know everything, but at least they give you a leg up in the tricky world of figuring out what’s good to eat.