The Bianchi by Gucci: A Bike To Go With Your Personal Island!

Bianchi by Gucci kym perfetto

We’ve all been there, right? After buying your own personal island with some diamonds you found in your sofa cushions, you realize that you don’t have a bike to go with it! Yeah, I hate it when that happens, too! Luckily, Frida Giannini (Gucci’s Creative Director) and Bianchi have teamed up to create a $14,000 luxury bicycle!  It features the iconic diamond pattern, a seat, handlebars and two pedals!  And, they even throw in a water bottle holder and wheel reflectors.

“Ever since Gucci’s founding, travelling in style has been at the heart of the House’s designs. The Bianchi by Gucci bicycles perfectly carry forward our codes of luxury while creating a new cosmopolitan aesthetic for those looking to turn heads while on the go,” says Giannini.

Oh, my head will be doing a double-take!  Not because the bike is “carrying a code of luxury” but because I’ll be thinking why would anyone buy a $14,000 bicycle?

Also, the Bianchi is made of carbon fiber, one of the lightest materials a bike can be constructed with– and yet this machine weighs in at 22lbs!??

My thoughts are these…if you want to give off the impression that you know nothing about good bicycles, and the idea of lighting your cigar with a flaming c-note just doesn’t do it for you anymore, then I highly recommend buying this bike.