Summer Playlists!

Not all of this music is new per se.  I've been playing versions of these songs for a while.  But I haven't posted any music in a while!  This is long long lonnnnng overdue.  My only pathetic excuse is : It's summer.  My priorities are looking more like this:


So finally I've brushed the sand off my dancing feet just long enough to post these playlists for you.   Below are 4 gems you won't find on iTunes.  And then 3 iTunes playlists for the internet-wary.


Call Me Maybe Vs. 99 Problems (Scott Melker and Friendly Greg Popped And Screwed Remix) The Jack by Fabian Spectrum (Say My Name) [Calvin Harris Remix] - Florence and the Machine Rock In Black [AC_DC vs. Queen vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Prince vs. Outkast vs. Crowded House vs. Snoop & Dre]

JULY PLAYLISTS: Union Square 3pm Thursday 7:30pm July 19th RECENT FAVORITES (38 of them that iTunes actually carries. ug. iTunes.)