Hey hey fitness and music freaks!  I'm checking in from Chicago where I'm competing in the Cycle Messenger World Championships.  While it's been a minute since I've worked as a messenger, this girl's still got the legs and the love for it.   Today's qualifiers were brutal enough in 95 degree heat and no shade.  Did I qualify?  I will soon find out. The results will be posted at messenger prom.

But the reason for this post is not the races --- it's my band: No Way Josie.   We dropped a new remix that is free for your ears and laptops.   Go download it now!    there will be more coming soon....


No Way Josie is the electro-pop project of two NYC bike messengers banned from using front doors. Multi-instrumentalist/producer Andrew Toews & singer/songwriter Kym Perfetto met while racing alleycats and began collaborating in early 2011. The result? Music you would expect from two hyperactive kids that prefer to play in traffic: heavy beats, catchy hooks, sassy vocals and plenty of whomp.