Premium Rush Premiere

Last night was the world premier of PREMIUM RUSH, featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt, Dania Ramirez, Jamie Chung and...yours truly.  (click here for a red carpet interview...)

The movie opens tomorrow in theaters and I highly recommend checking it out.  Not just because I'm in it- but because it features some of the slickest riding and tricks performed by some of New York's finest urban cyclistsAustin Horse and Tom LaMarche to name a few.  The film is also speckled with references to and cameo's of real NYC messengers such as Squid, Fellipe and Victor.

The night began with a rowdy group ride of about 40 messengers and friends from the Bicycle Film Festival Headquarters to the theater. Most people were "dressed to mess" but I wanted to take the opportunity to clean myself up a bit.  Thanks to stylist Elsa Issac, I was outfitted in a bright blue Asos asymmetrical gown.  She added a belt of her own which allowed me to tuck the long part up while I rode my bike. Ranjana Khan provided the finishing touches with killer earrings and a bold cuff.   (pictured above)

Riding in heels!

With the first 4 rows in the theatre filled with messengers and urban cyclists, the premiere was lively!  I heard Joseph Gordon Levitt comment that the audience reactions were great and that premieres are normally a little dull.  Note to filmmakers - invite bike kids to your premiere! It will NOT be dull.

The night was long with an after party at the Gansevoort and (still on bike) we finished the night off karaoke-ing into the wee hours with my friend and favorite co-star, Wole "Have You Seen My Thighs" Parks.  Altogether the film and  it's world premiere turned out great.  PREMIUM RUSH is well on it's way to joining Quicksilver as a cult classic.