LA Bound (again)

West Coast here I come! NEWS!  I'm pitching my own lifestyle fitness show and my band, NO WAY JOSIE is about to release our second album!  Very exciting.  And of course, I'm teaching in West Hollywood and Soulcycle's newest location: Brentwood!   So tell all your friends on the West Coast that you're coming to visit, that you are going to drag them to my class (and to start training with me now)!

NEW YORK: I'm teaching today 5:30pm and 1pm Tuesday 9/4  @ SOULCYCLE and thennnnnn... I'm off to LA - gone till November!  er, October.  Please note that I will not be on the Fall schedule in NYC.  When I return in October, I will be picking up open classes but it won't be my regular schedule.   So keep yourself updated to my schedule and whereabouts, sign up for my newsletter now RIGHT HERE  ---------------------------------------------------->

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