8 Tips For Staying Fit During a Hurricane!

1. Rearrange the furniture. Do all the household chores that you've been putting off. Clean under furniture and dust hard to reach places.  You will feel stretched, limber and accomplished!

2. Practice Sun Salutations. You don't need a yoga mat or experience to try this series of moves. Just watch the video and follow along. Repeat until the sun re-appears!

3.  De-flab your abs!  Check out my ab workout--- done entirely indoors with NO equipment.

4.  Take the stairs!  Did you know that running stairs burns more calories/per minute than spinning, jogging or swimming?

 5. Play twister. I know, I know. You already have your hurricane party underway.  You don't have to kick out your guests or skip the booze for this one.  You'll stretch, get off the couch- and if you don't have a board-- MAKE ONE!

6. Play red right/green light.   Whether you have to entertain some stir-crazy kids or drunken guests, this is another active favorite that will get everyone moving.

7. Dance party!  Need music?  Download FakeMoney's free mixes HERE  .   'nuff said. 8.   Do one of my WRK-OUTs 2 GO!  They are all 15min or LESS and give you a taste of what I do when I'm NOT riding a bike. Choose from: booty & obliques DELT-Licious Single-leg Deadlift Pushup or my Arm & Chest Workout from Time-Out NY