Hey gang. How's everyone weathering the storm and the aftermath?  Did you pick up your running shoes? or a few pounds?  I gained an unexpected week in Chicago with some great friends and a grand hangover (or two!)  While things are getting back to normal now (SOULCYCLE Union Square is OPEN today!) it's going to be a while until they're the same again.   Remember to de-stress and take time for yourself.  Big ol' Shout out to MARY COOPER who took her stir craziness and turned it into an opportunity to make her own workout: (my kinda gal!)

For those of you who might need a little more inspiration,  here's a 43 min run playlist to plug into whenever you have even half that amount of time to lace up your shoes and get outside.  Whether you're walking, jogging, running or taking the stairs--- you're still lapping everyone on the couch!


How I workout to this playlist:  

  1. Silvia (6min) walk to warm up
  2. Call Your GF (feed me rmx) Jog, alternating lifting knees & side shuffles (moderate intensity)
  3. The Night Out Just run!  (moderate intensity)
  4. Put it Down  A little faster
  5. Dead and Gone  saaaaaaame  (high intensity)
  6. DEMONS Alternate 20 seconds of HIGH KNEES with 20 seconds of Jog (INTERVAL)
  7. Clique  Run @ fastest pace    (high intensity)
  8. Call Your GF (Sultan rmx) jog   (moderate intensity)
  9. Want it Back sprint intervals.  Sprint 20 seconds, walk 30  (INTERVAL)
  10. Thinking Bout You  cool down and STRETCH!

TOTAL TIME: 45min ** LEVEL: Intense **

**For a 30min version of this, skip songs 1,5 and 8 and warm up to 4 instead. *** For Moderate level, do the 30min version and extend the rest time during Intervals (song 6&9) to 1min

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