Get Me Drunk, Not Fat


Tis the season of holiday parties!  And no doubt, you've already received a slew of invites to make merry. Last night, I went to the Nimble Fitness Holiday soiree to kick off the marathon. These guys know how to throw a party! Smiles, laughter, liquor and buff arms were in abundance.  What was missing?  Heavy snack foods covered in cheese, salt and sugar.  Yep- the buff boys at Nimble opted for veggie platters, sushi rolls, and fruit plates instead.  And it was amazing.

So whether you are hosting or mooching this holiday, check out my 5 choices for keeping you and your guests happy, healthy and in the mood to party!

  1. Bean or Avocado based dips vs. cream or cheese based dips.  Hummus and homemade guac are always tasty options for dipping a variety of fresh veggies.
  2. Shrimp platter.  A great app that's high in iron, but doesn't require oily/salty preparation.  Make it yourself or order from Whole Foods!
  3. Prosciutto-wrapped Melon.  Hands down one of my favorite hors d'oeuvres and SO EASY to make. Just wrap chunks of melon in thin slices of prosciutto and put a toothpick in it!
  4. Wine Spritzers.  Not only will you be able to better pace your drinking, but you will be better hydrated as well!
  5. Spicy Hot Cocoa instead of Egg Nog .  Egg nog is soooo over. Opt for this tasty Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe instead! (skip the whipped cream)