Make Your Resolution WORK.

Being vague is good for getting out of making plans you don't really want to keep. It's also useful when making a resolution you don't want to keep.  Let's take this new year by the tits and actually FOCUS on a specific, exciting, scary GOAL.   Start here:

  1. Throw away any resolutions you've made in the past.  No recycling!
  2. Make it a positive statement.  Replace I will not overeat with I will make my portions smaller. 
  3. Choose One.  Don't overload yourself trying to change everything you don't like about your life.  Focus on what's most important to you.
  4. Think longterm. A resolution isn't met in a week. This is your change in 2013! Envision yourself a year from today having reached your goal.  How do you look?  How does it feel?
  5. Now break it down into smaller bites.  What is your weekly resolution?  Monthly?
  6. Keep track!! Whether you weigh in, keep a written log, or a calendar to mark off the days, a record of your successes (and fallbacks) will offer valuable insight when creating new behaviors.
  7. Look forward.  If you meet your goal, what will be your resolution next year? What opportunities will it open for you?

As for me, I have my 2013 calendar up on my door and I am marking off each day I stick to my resolution.  I have to look at it every day before I leave my room.   Stay FOCUSED and HAPPY NEW YEAR!