Party for your Health


I know it's cold outside. Hibernation is your new M.O.  Maybe you've coupled up for the winter and the Netflix bank is dwindling.  But…but I went to spin class today! you cry indignantly from the comfy chair where you sit while reading this.  This intervention isn't about your cardio habits.  When was the last time you socialized?  Being healthy and fit doesn't mean you have become a teetotaler with a 9pm bedtime!  (yea, I totally had to look up how to spell teetotaler)To help shake you out of your cacoon, here's 3 reasons to lace up your boots heels and PARTY!

1. Burn on the Dancefloor: Hmmm…moving your body quickly, sweating, increasing your heart rate…yup, that sounds like exercise. One night out dancing can burn an average of 600 calories!! Of course, if you really want to get the full health benefits from dancing, you have to commit to it. Lose yourself in the music. In the words of immortal words of Mystikal: "Shake yo' a**!" Self conscious? Ask anyone who spends time on the dance floor: it's not a competition. All movement is welcome and awesome!

2. Wine the Wonder Drug: Moderate wine consumption has been know to promote longevity, reduce heart-attack risk, lower risk of heart disease, reduce risk of type 2 diabetes, and lower risk of stroke. I'll cheers to that.

3. People Need People: Now that you’re a little tipsy and your pulse is beating quickly, go talk to people! Socializing does wonders for mental health. Who couldn't use a little pick-me-up in the dead of winter? Allow science to back me up here.  Peep this article from MedicineNet about how socialization extends your life! Don't die young and lonely.

But like I said before – always in moderation. Any of this stuff in excess and you’ll find yourself exhausted, hung-over, and probably a little embarrassed. Although if you can master this balancing act, you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome life.