Tuesday Turn-On: Cameo Nights

Screen Shot 2012-10-12 at 11.07.59 PM

An unmarked club. A dark cavernous room with high ceilings and haunting reverb. Wavy lights hitting an art installation above the stage... Cameo Gallery.  One of the best places to be watching new music in Brooklyn. My band, No Way Josie is playing on their illustrious stage on Saturday Jan 26th, along with Ducky and Psychic Twin.  So this Tuesday, allow me to turn you on to Cameo's Saturday line-up!  Full Spotify playlist HERE TONGIHT, Tune in LIVE as we spin songs from our (unreleased) album on TurnTable.fm. Then see the show LIVE on Saturday at Cameo. 8pm Psychic Twin. 9pm Ducky. 10pm No Way Josie.