Workout + Party + Free Music = Your Saturday Plans


Your EPIC SATURDAY begins like this...

  • 9:30am Soul Survivor  & 10:45am Soulcycle class taught by yours truly.
  • Epic brunch
  • Extracurriculars... (may include but are not limited to: shopping, napping, more brunching, sexy time... or cleaning your house)

We've got a new album, some new stage tricks, a few special guests and a sweet deal for y'all: as a thanxx to all you rad folks who come and sweat it out on the dancefloor with us at our shows, we're giving away a FREE download of our new LP to everyone who comes to the release party at Cameo! (Buy tix here for $7.) It's simple: 1. There will be a list. 2. You can put your email address on it. 3. We will send you a hug and a download link. Bam. Sunday morning you will wake up feeling awesome and leap out of bed all bright-eyed and energetic and hungry, ready to face your day. You will check your email (after breakfast, of course) and you will find a link to the soundtrack to what may be the best wintry day of your grown life.

Workouts. Chillouts. Freakouts. DONE.  ;-)