Pilazies! Workout Without Leaving Your Bed...


This one is for Mary Darling from Fabulous on a Budget... and for anyone else who hates the gym but wants to look good!  It's a new workout I invented called: Pilazies.  Watch the video and read on for more details:

  1. Decline Crunch:

    Lie with your knees bent, head and shoulders off the bed.  Take a deep breath. On the exhale, crunch, keeping your chin off your chest.   REPEAT. 20 for beginners. 40 for advanced.

  2. Side V-Up Lying on your side with legs outstretched, crunch up and touch your ankle- keeping your legs straight! REPEAT Beginners do 10 reps each side.  Advanced do 20 each side.
  3. Toe Touches Lie with one leg outstretched and both arms outstretched. Perform a sit-up while lifting your outstretched leg. Touch your toe.  REPEAT.  Beginners do 10 each side.  Advanced do 30 each side.
  4. Swimmer Begin on your stomach with arms and legs outstretched.  Begin "swimming" by lifting alternating legs and arms.  Beginners do this for 30 seconds / Advanced 1min.  Finish with a cobra stretch and a child's pose!