Quickie Workout Video!

high intensity interval training

Today on my channel I posted the Quickie: a 5min workout for anyone that’s ever overslept, procrastinated, or just can't find time to get in their daily workout. This workout will be as effective as a 30min workout if you follow the advanced version and work at your maximum intensity.

*NOTE* High intensity interval training (or HIIT) is NOT for everyone. This workout is intended for a person who is fairly fit. BEGINNERS can still perform this workout by modifying the moves as noted below.  The 5min beginner version won't be as intense but it will be a great way to get started.  You will build lean muscle and condition your body for more advanced workouts to come. Read on for full details... 

Before beginning, you will need a time.  I use the Interval Timer App for the iPhone (it's free). I set my intervals to 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest time.

1. High Knees (not to be confused with hineys)

Run in place bringing your knees up high. Get into a good rhythm – remember you don’t have much time, so push it! I suggest you add a jump rope for added intensity. BEGINNERS  March in place, lifting your knees high and swinging your arms.


2. Squat Jumps

Come down low into a squat position and then extend into a jump straight up into the air. BEGINNERS, ignore the jump and just go from squat to standing and repeat.


3. Split Lunges

Beginning in a lunge position with both knees bent, jump up switching legs. BEGINNERS Skip the jump. Stand with feet together and lunge forward and return back to standing. Alternate legs.


4. Plank Push-ups

From the plank position (not to be confused with the internet fad of 2011) come up to your palms and then come down on to your forearms. So, you will be supporting your weight with extended arms, palms to the floor, and then bend your elbows to support your weight on your forearms. Be sure to switch the arm you begin with! BEGINNERS may hold the plank position for 20 seconds.


* During this rest, beginners may put their knees down but advanced ppl should attempt to hold the plank position.

5. Mountain Climber

Keep your palms on the floor and your arms extended, run in place. You should look like a track runner in starting position. You’re knees will come up to around your bellybutton – try to bring them in as far as you can. BEGINNERS can simply slow this move down.



TOTAL: 5min.