Workout of Shame: A Hangover Cure

workout of shame featured image

So, you stumble into your apartment as the sun rises dressed in whatever impractical outfit you wore out last night. You gargle some mouth wash and collapse on your bed, vowing to NEVER EVER DRINK AGAIN. You missed your spin class, your yoga class AND you can't even bring yourself to run.  Well, I’ve got your hangover workout cure: The Walk of Shame Workout.  It's a workout with no loud music, flashing lights, heavy lifting or high impact.  Now, This workout isn't just for the morning after! Combined with 45min of good cardio- this workout can be used on a non-hangover day.

Ok, ready? Follow along with the video.

3-Way Lunges 15 reps on each leg

These make a great warm up and an excellent way to break you out of your hangover haze. I know when I need kick things up a notch after a walk of shame, I always go for the 3-ways. Lunges, that is. 3-way lunges!

Do a lunge to the front, and come back to a standing position. Do a lunge to the side, and come back to a standing position. And follow suit with a lunge to the back.

Squats + Knee Lift 1 round of 25

Place your fingers behind your head. Squat down and then come back up keeping your back straight. Lift your right knee to your left elbow. Then repeat and alternate knees.

It’s important not to bring your head down to meet your knee. Try to keep your neck and back straight and only twist your elbow when your knee comes up to meet it.

Side Kicks 20 per leg

No need to go crazy with these and pretend your kicking ex-boyfriend in the head. The last thing you want is to hyperextend your leg with a forceful kick. The purpose of this exercise is to work your legs and your core.

So, gently, stand on one leg and bring your other knee up. Face to the side and kick out the leg that’s off the ground. When you bring the leg back down, only touch the ground with your toes and refrain from putting your weight on it – balance is half the challenge especially for those who are still a little tipsy from the night before. If you need to, you can use the wall to help you keep balance.

Repeat with the other leg.

Reverse Crunches 25 Reps

Place a mat down on the floor. Position yourself near a door, or a sofa – something that you can grab hold of.

Lie down on the mat. Then, keeping your legs straight, lift them up off the mat so far that your hips come off the ground. Lower your legs back down until they almost touch the floor. Repeat.

The important part of this exercise is getting your hips to come off the ground because that’s when your abs are really contributing to the workout.

If you’re finding it too hard to keep your legs straight, go ahead and bend your knees. When your legs come close to the floor, let your them touch the ground to make the workout a little easier.

Don’t throw up.

Push up + Side Walk 5 times each way

Do a push up.   Remaining in plank position, step sideways 3 steps and perform another push up.  Step sideways back to starting position. The side walking in the plank position will be an excellent workout for your abs.


For a more effective workout, repeat this circuit and combine with a 30-45min cardio session!