Get Bikini-ready with 3 Simple Moves

poolside kym

Summer is coming up – are you bikini ready? My new video, shot poolside at the gorgeous Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, shows you 3 moves to get you that sexy bikini body in time for summer.

Single-Leg Deadlift w/ Pushup 10 each leg (works total body) – on one leg, fold in half and touch the ground. Walk on your hands until you’re body is horizontal. Do a full pushup. Walk your hands back to your feet and then come back up to a standing position – but don’t let that other foot touch the ground!

Single-Leg Hip Lift 20 per leg (glutes & hamstrings) – lie on your back. Bend one knee so that your foot is flat against the ground. Lift your other leg straight up. Now for the tricky part – keep your butt off the ground at all times. Lower the leg (that’s extended upward) down until it’s almost touching the ground and then lift back up.

After 20 of these, keep your leg up and “pulse” your hips. Essentially you want to rock your hips so that your butt, abs, and leg is moving but you’re never touching the ground.

Slo-Mo Bicycle Crunch 20 slow reps (abs & obliques) – lie on your back. Place your fingers on each side of your head and touch your bent elbows to the outside of each knee as you do the crunch. As you switch from elbow to knee, hold it for a moment. Also, try to make it so that your legs never touch the ground.

Good luck getting in shape. Hope to see you by the pool this summer!

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