Motivation Monday: A Piece of Recess

I remember first learning how to ride a bike as a kid. It seemed so hard! Now as an adult, it’s…well…like riding a bike. I’ve been doing it for so long that it is basically second nature to me.

This is true for everyone. We struggle as kids, and as grown-ups we become experts. So, then why is it so hard to exercise as an adult when

it came so naturally as a kid!?   A kid will spend hours upon hours climbing and running and jumping and lifting and pulling. Now, the word “gym” is almost synonymous with “work”.

My advice is to go back to feeling like a kid and make your workouts feel like games.

While staying in Venice and working at Soulcycle LA, I often took my training to the Santa Monica Pier which felt like a grown up jungle gym:

Here's a pic from an adult playground (not nearly as sleazy as that sounded) in Detroit.

I also found this video online of a staircase that artists converted into a piano!

I’ve mentioned lots of fun ways to stay fit and cool apps that help you work out, but how about this…next time, just be a kid – don’t worry about losing weight or burning carbs or looking hot because there’s someone that might be checking you out over by the elliptical. Just try to remember how you felt as a little kid. Go run in the park. Climb a tree. Tire yourself out! And then get a juice and take a nap.  Sounds good, right?