Tuesday Turn-On: Back t'Werk


I retired from twerking for cool minute. It was a dark time in my life. I just wasn't inspired to move my rump. Trap music was getting stale. I left my favorite a$$-moving DJ, Dirtyfinger, back in Brooklyn. And on top of everything, my routine of constant-cardio left my booty a bit smaller than ideal for real rump-shaking.

But with the help of warmer weather, a squat rack, and a Brukwine class with my nyc girls- I'm BACK t'WERK. I don't care what anyone says. Simply put: It's fun to shake ya' ass. It all started with yesterday's EARTHQUAKE reminding me of this favorite Diplo track.  Next thing you know, I compiled a monster playlist guaranteed to have you wining in no-time. This  TUESDAY TURN-ON features remixes from Branchez, Ben Bruker, Dave Aude, Giraffage, and my personal savior of booty-shaking: DJ DirtyFinger.  So press play, keep calm, &  booty work.