Tuesday Turn-On: Hip Hop Love


It rarely happens these days, but I found some new hip-hop I'm excited about. It's partially due to the fact that I'm usually digging for electro-bangers to use in spin class.  However, while digging, there's little inspiring hip-hop found along the way.  Like most genres, Hip-Hop has meshed with electronic to create anthems like Turn Down For What.  Still, I find myself going back to the classics when I want a good beat and some lyrics I can (clumsily pretend to) rap along to.  But a few weeks ago I heard some tracks from Logic that reminded me of old school.  Then the genius Cookin Soul remix of 2Pac's "Old School" was dropped and I thought "Ok, it's time to Turn-On to my first love."

Now this is by no means a definitive playlist.  It's just a few tracks that I'm stoked on: a few fresh takes on classics, a few unknowns and a sprinkling of mainstream jams to round it all out.  Enjoy!

*for some reason soundcloud isn't letting me embed this one.  So here's the link: https://soundcloud.com/kym-nonstop/sets/hip-hop-love

I'll try to fix it later. Till then ya got yer fix!