Tuesday Turn-On: Shuffle that Sh*t


This week I'm doing things a little differently because YOU CAN'T PIN ME DOWN!  I'm so UNPREDICTABLE!  (And enthusiastic, among other things.)  But hey- check it.  There's some really great songs I'm feeling right now BUT I didn't wanna lump them all into one lame-titled playlist like, "Songs I'm Mut%&Fkn Feeling Rt Now" so instead, I am posting them HERE (below),  adding to carefully curated past playlists where they will make new friends and become the popular, pretty, secretly-hated new-song in town.

Why'd I do this? 2 reasons. One, I recently dug into my old playlists and found that they are AWESOME and UNDERappreciated.  And secondly, there are times that you just wanna press PLAY and hear some good shit that all flows well together- like when you're working out, or cooking, or getting it on... You DON'T want the playlist to be schizophrenic, ya know?  So I placed like with like and now there is a deeper wealth of music for your ears to discover in this Soundcloud space.  You're welcome.

First I'm gonna kick it off with two songs you've probably already heard, the super-pop hit BOOM CLAP! and dancehall banger Y.A.L.A.  Plus one remix of a songs you already know: Stay With Me (Throttle Remix) * with a free download!   I tossed these tracked into my New Finds playlist- cuz even though they're not super new they're tasty and worth it- like adding Siracha to an already yummy salad.  So revisit this playlist! Cuz it's delicious:

Also check out the minor-chorded, heavier version of  "Boom Clap" cuz this remix is SICK but couldn't be added to a playlist because- uggg- copywrite bla bla bla it's not on soundcloud even.  Wtf.

Next up, a new remix of an old favorite- added to the perfect playlist:  Old School Made New. (go 'head. Click it!)

Two more rad tunes just added to my Spring Fever playlist:  (Check out the full playlist for an hour of real awesomeness)

AAAAAAAND lastly,  I added both of these tracks to the Electronic Summer playlist which, by the way, is well-crafted for a sweaty workout sesh (including a 12min warm-up!)