#15to15NonStop Challenge


15 days until 2015!

#TeamNonStop!  Screw the unwritten rule that resolutions begin with the new year- we are starting TODAY.  #15to15NonStop is a challenge to complete a designated KymNonStop workout every day until 2015 as a way of getting a jump on your New Years bod.  Each day, I will announce the daily workout via Twitter: @kymnonstop.  Challengers will then follow the link to the workout and upon completion, leave the comment "#15to15nonstop" to check in.

One #15to15nonstop challenger chosen at random to receive a Le Sportsac Gift bag filled with goodies to help you kickstart the new year right. And since I will of course be following your progress via twitter and instagram, a second gift bag will be sent to most clever #15to15nonstop post.

Step one, is to enter below.  You will see that you can earn more entries by completing different tasks.  More entries = better chance of winning.  In order to be eligible for prizes you must complete each workout and leave in the comment section below #15to15nonstop to check in.  When your training is completed on Jan 1st, head to instagram and post an image announcing your completion and tag me (@kymnonstop) and use the hashtag #15to15Nonstop. The image can be of your favorite workout, your results, a selfie, get creative!

So yes, you read right.  Not ONLY are you getting your fitness jump-start for 2015, you're also gonna win some sweet prizes!  This is what I like to call a win-win situation.

1) Enter below.

2) Complete each workout and comment on the workout #15to15nonstop to check in for the day
3) OPTIONAL: Complete different tasks (ie: tweet, insta) to collect more entries.  For example: if you post on Instagram throughout the challenge, you will gain 4 entry points for each post.
4) On Jan 1, head to Instagram to post an image announcing your completion and tag me (@kymnonstop) and use the hashtag #15to15Nonstop

Winner will be announced in my video on January 7th.