Why I Ride: NACCC Ride Recap

Why I Ride: NACCC Ride Recap

Sweat, mud, rain, aches, flats, crashes, and lots of miles. Why would anyone ride 500 miles through all that? 
Every year, a group of urban cyclists and messengers meet for the North American Cycle Courier Championships. They often come from all over the continent. And sometimes they ride there. Here's a recap from this year's #RoadtoNACCC from Chicago to Minneapolis to compete in the #MplsNACCC. (Lots of great stuff on instagram with those hashtags!)

Muddy Races, Muddy...Cruises?

Muddy Races, Muddy...Cruises?

Time for mud obstacle courses to go WORLD CLASS.  Following the Cross-Fit Games is this year's Spartan Race World Championships in Killington Vermont on September 20th!  That's right. Sh*t's about to get real. Real muddy.  Now if you haven't tried an insane, muddy obstacle course yet, let me tell you:  It's fun as hell.  It feels like hell most of the time, but you'll find yourself smiling maniacally through most of it.  I know you won't believe me, so why don't you just try it for yourself?  Enter this code when you sign up and receive 10% off of any race:  SPARTANBLOGGER.  

Tuesday is the new Saturday


I'm playing a show tomorrow at Santos Party House! It's super sexy night of all FEMALE FRONTED bands that slay it.  My band, No Way Josie, sharing the night with the super talented Cherie Lily (you may remember me getting soaked in her "Dripping Wet" music video!) and the uber fierce Liza Colby Sound.  These girls will rock your face off and make you wet.  (with sweat from dancing that is).  So catch us tomorrow night!  Show starts at 9pm.


Don't Let School Make You FAT!

Most college students will gain between 15 and 25 pounds by the end of their sophomore year. One of the main causes of the freshman 15? Lack of exercise. Here's  a great graphic that breaks down the stats and offers simple solutions for how to stay healthy.  Oh, and another great way to get your back-to-school exercise anywhere/anytime?The KymNonStop Youtube channel.  Short, no-equipment in-home (or dormroom) workouts for your freshman booty.  Go check it out!

The Best Regimen for College Fitness

graphic offered by BestColleges.org

CMWC Recap!


The Cycle Messenger World Championships happen every year in a different city all over the world.  This year: Lausanne, Switzerland.  The race course was a combination of pain-inducing climbs, bone-jarring cobblestone pavement and roundabouts guaranteed to confuse racers from their planned route.

I began my trip in Paris where local messengers hosted a whirlwind weekend of racing an pre-parties. Then began our 3 day (hauling ass) trip to Switzerland.  We got lost.  We slept on the ground. We broke bikes. We bonked. We ate a lot of food. We made it. ....Just in time to race in one of the most challenging CMWC's EVER.     WATCH THE VIDEO.

Shout out's: Jamesy who completed the uphill time trial with his entire life strapped to his back.

Mason for his Guinness World Record 77 backward circles.

Darcey for doing the uphill time trial NAKED with "Vote Melbourne 2015"

Safa Brian- fastest uphill sprinter on a fixed gear.

And all the organizers for making the event so incredible!!! Chistole!

MUSIC :  WANT IT BACK by No Way Josie  (that's bike messenger Fakemoney NYC and ME!)

Everybody PRANCE Now!


The moment I saw Joanna Rohrback's Prancercise video, I knew we had to make a video to celebrate this incredible viral fitness phenomena.  I scribbled a ridiculous rap on a napkin and pitched it to my bandmate, Fake Money, who then made the track. I cast my SoulCycle colleagues to prance and we cranked out a lil' music video to inspire you to put on your prancy-pants and PRANCE till you can't PRANCE no more. ENJOY!

Special thanks to Garrison, Keira, Nick, Emily, Virginia, Megan, Bonnie, Lee, Hayley, Ryan, Nona, Jade, Wally, X-Up for helping out.  Shot by Pierce Robinson.  AD: Noa Shaw