Tuesday Turn-On: Spring Fever

Tuesday Turn-On: Spring Fever

It's in the air!  Temps are rising. Even NYC is warm.  Time to come out of hibernation and refresh your playlists.  This week's Tuesday Turn-On is full of new jams to put a 'spring' in your step.  Dig in and get out!

Tuesday Turn-On: Can I Go Back?!

Tuesday Turn-On: Can I Go Back?!

**Every track on this week's playlist is a FREE DOWNLOAD! ** That's right, kids. It's Christmas in April. Now I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about it, but Coachella was amazing this year.  My favorite part is discovering new artists to melt my face off.  Big Gigantic did just that.  I was watching them by accident. I was stoned and I confused "Big Gigantic" and "Galantis". But no matter because Big Gigantic is INCREDIBLE.

COACHELLA FIT TIPS: "Abs get you friends"

COACHELLA FIT TIPS: "Abs get you friends"

Two women in my Soulcycle class told me they were there to get in shape for Coachella.  This was yesterday.  Girl, please.   You ain't gonna get in shape for ANYTHING in 2 days time.  But, yeah, I made a video about Coachella anyway!  It's not a workout because, let's be honest, you aren't going to workout at Coachella.   Instead I give you tips for staying fit, injury-free, and flat-tummy-ed, all wrapped up in a super-cute montage edited to sick beats by Fake Money.    Watch and learn...

TUESDAY TURN-ON: Coachella pt 2

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The festival has 2 weekends. So here is the second Coachella Mixtape featuring Local Natives, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, Postal Service, TNGHT, Baauer and more...

And an added bonus to pump you up this Tuesday-- my personal video recap-- so you can either relive the moment or be insanely jealous :-D




YES it's that magical time of year again... hot sweaty music festival time!   Here is a Tuesday Turn-On that you should put on your iphone/ipod/stream-from-spotify NOW.   Get your cute butt into some cut off shorts and dance around like you just took 3 mollys.  (I said LIKE)


For those who are Spotify-challenged (come ON. It's FREE, people) here is a screen shot of the playlist I used for Coachella-themed Soulcycle class tonight:


Hair Metal, Side Ponytails, and Coachella

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. From 3 days in the desert at Coachella, to my last 2 classes in LA, to 1 long flight home... my head is reeling!   Here is a record 3 playlists for you music junkies.  Get your fix!

Coachella Playlist: After spending the weekend in the desert, dancing till I could hardly stand, I woke up early on Monday morning to drive back and teach one of my last classes at Soulcycle LA.  Coachella was still in my blood. **NOTE The first song was "The Morning"  by The Weeknd- not on itunes. DOWNLOAD all Weeknd albums @

Bands of the Sunset Strip:  For the past 2 months I've been teaching sweaty spin classes on Sunset Strip. So why not do a tribute to all the bands that made it on the very same strip? It was so. much. fun.  My neck is still recovering from the headbanging!   The playlist ends at song 14- the rest is bonus.

80's Playlist!  My final class at Soulcycle LA.  We only rode up to song 11... but I included the ones that almost made the cut.  For fun. This is the actual Whitney remix I used...

Whitney Houston - How Will I Know (Van Hooft & Forever Kid Unofficial Remix