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Fast Kale & Cornbread Salad Recipe

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Make something insanely yummy with LEFTOVERS! One of my favorite salty/sweet salads is KALE + CORNBREAD. Try it. It's GOOD. And it only takes 3min!



Red Onion


Balsamic Vinegar

Sesame Oil

Hot Sauce of Choice



Fastest, Healthiest No-Cook Recipe EVER: Marinated Kale


Ever since nutritionist Jeanette Bronee told me the trick to raw kale,  I’ve been eating it nearly everyday. It’s super healthy (1 cup=2g protein, 1g fiber, 206% A, 134% C, 9% Calcium, 7% Iron) and it takes 5min to make.  Keeps for 3-4days.  Blueprint Cleanse even has their own version of it with Tahini dressing.  Now go, children! eat!

1. take a bunch of Kale, rinse it and chop it (big pieces are fine)

2. add a splash of olive oil

3. Add slightly bigger splash of one of the following (depending on taste preference): rice vinegar lemon juice balsamic vinegar apple cider vinegar

4.  sprinkle with sea salt. pepper optional.

5. Use your buff arms to massage it together like crazy until the leaves are tender

6. EAT IT!

You can pretty much flavor it anyway you want but always include a little salt cuz it tenderizes the leaves.  And lemon or vinegar to preserve it and give it flavor.

My favorite combo is lemon and cayenne pepper with a splash of Agave. yummmmmm