What I Eat (almost) Everyday...

What I Eat (almost) Everyday...

Some people take instagram pics of their meals. I make a whole damn video about it. You asked and I delivered. Here's what goes into my body to fuel me through an entire day of cycling, spazzing, twerking, texting and spazzing. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks. And more snacks.

CMWC Recap!


The Cycle Messenger World Championships happen every year in a different city all over the world.  This year: Lausanne, Switzerland.  The race course was a combination of pain-inducing climbs, bone-jarring cobblestone pavement and roundabouts guaranteed to confuse racers from their planned route.

I began my trip in Paris where local messengers hosted a whirlwind weekend of racing an pre-parties. Then began our 3 day (hauling ass) trip to Switzerland.  We got lost.  We slept on the ground. We broke bikes. We bonked. We ate a lot of food. We made it. ....Just in time to race in one of the most challenging CMWC's EVER.     WATCH THE VIDEO.

Shout out's: Jamesy who completed the uphill time trial with his entire life strapped to his back.

Mason for his Guinness World Record 77 backward circles.

Darcey for doing the uphill time trial NAKED with "Vote Melbourne 2015"

Safa Brian- fastest uphill sprinter on a fixed gear.

And all the organizers for making the event so incredible!!! Chistole!

MUSIC :  WANT IT BACK by No Way Josie  (that's bike messenger Fakemoney NYC and ME!)

How To Make Your Own Sandbag (+ my fave 5 moves with it!)


BEACH DAYSSSSS!!! Relaxation, sun, margaritas... and beer bellies?  Don't let this happen to you!  I've got just the solution:  BEACH WORKOUTS!  Check out my latest video to find out how-to make your own sandbag and use it in a workout.  It's SO easy, kinda fun and VERY effective.   So you can get your full workout in BEFORE you pass out face down on a towel with your margarita.  (don't forget your sunscreen!!!)

Here's what you will need: 1. Medium Sized duffle bag 2. All the spare plastic shopping bags you can find

Now watch the video!  (I've included a step by step below:)

Step 1. Take the plastic bags and fill them w/ 5-10lbs of sand.  In the video I do about 5lbs each. I don't use a scale. I just go based on feel.  If you want to be precise, you will need a scale.

Step 2. Place the plastic bags into the duffle bag.  Fill to the appropriate weight for your workout.  If you've never worked out with sandbags before, I recommend keeping it light to begin with just to adjust to the feel.  For the video I filled 4 plastic bags to approximately 5lbs each for a total of 20lbs.

Step 3. Fill in all the empty space with the rest of your empty plastic bags to create a tightly packed duffle bag.  This will make the bag easier to manage. Zip it up.  Now you're ready to workout!

Follow my video for some great moves, or get creative and do your own.  Working out with a sandbag in the sand will burn between 20-80 extra calories per exercise!  It's especially great for strengthening and toning the legs and thighs. So slather on the sunscreen and enjoy a burn of a different kind!