Miami to Key West By Bike

miami to key west by bike

MIAMI —> KEY WEST    (by bike)

I said I’d write a travel blog for the bike tour… well, here’s the abridged version 2 wks later:

Day 1. 79miles. Ride, eat, ride, everglades, crocodiles, beer, camp, beautiful beautiful beatiful

Day 2. 110 miles. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, water, bridge, water, briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge (7miles long),  water, amazing sunset.

Off on my own...

Do What You're Afraid To Do

Tomorrow I ride off into the sunrise towards the tip of the continent.   Miami to Key West- just me and my bicycle.    I’ve always wanted to tour on my own and here I go.     Every turn, every flat tire, every meal and sleeping arrangement I gotta do myself. ‘cause I’m a big girl now ;)

here’s a song for you to take on your own adventure: Do It Again! by Holy Ghost!

Last Minute Gift Idea: Beeeeeeeach!

I’msoexcitedI’msoexcited! SOUL CYCLE is opening in MIAMI and I’ll be teaching everyday from February 21 thru March 12th!! Come visit! The gift of beach and fitness is the perfect winter pick-me-up for your mom, yourself, your lazy boyfriend- whoever!

The SOULCYCLE SOUTH BEACH MONDRIAN package includes a guestroom for two, a continental breakfast daily at Asia de Cuba, a one-hour massage, and a SoulCycle class for two guests daily. To book the package visit and enter rate code PKMSUM.